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Radio campaign: Please pass the iodized salt

Lack of iodine, an essential micronutrient, threatens the learning ability of millions of children around the world. Although the solution - iodizing the salt that families consume - is simple and inexpensive, there are many countries where less than half the population uses iodized salt.

UNICEF is pleased to announce that a new series of 30 & 60-second radio spots about iodine deficiency and the need to use iodized salt are now available in English, French and Spanish to broadcasters for free and unrestricted use.

In these PSAs, "Please pass the iodized salt", you will hear the sounds of a family at mealtime, with a voiceover describing the benefits of iodized salt. By broadcasting these messages, you will be raising awareness of children's right to the best possible start in life, including the right to good nutrition.

Preview or download the PSAs

All tracks are in MP3 format and are suitable for broadcast. Click below to preview one or both tracks. To download directly, right-click and choose 'Save as…"


Track 1 (970 KB): [Audio]

Track 2 (500 KB): [Audio]

Order on CD

The radio PSAs, with scripts, are now available on CD in English, French and Spanish.

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