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Política económica y social

Child Poverty in Spain: What Can Be Said?

AUTHOR Olga Canto Sanchez and Magda Mercader-Prats
ORGANIZATION Innocenti Research Centre
TYPE Working Paper
DATE 1998
TOPIC Child poverty and disparities

During the last three decades, Spain has undergone a major political and socio-economic transformation. Over the same period, indicators such as average welfare levels as measured by real disposable per capita income or expenditure on social protection have shown a signifiant net rise; this growth has occurred in parallel with both an increasing flexibility in the labour market and a dramatic jump in unemployment. In contrast with many other European countries in which relative poverty has been tending to expand in recent decades, poverty in Spain has been slightly reduced. The effect of these changes on the economic welfare situation of children has not been explored. The aim of this paper is therefore to provide evidence on the static and dynamic aspects of relative poverty among children, namely, its extent, evolution and persistence.


Child Poverty in Spain: What Can Be Said?