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Protección infantil contra la violencia, la explotación y el abuso

Parliamentarians meeting: Child protection a major issue

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UNICEF Executive Director Carol Bellamy receives an award from Philippines President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo while in Manila for a conference on child protection.

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By John Allison

NEW YORK, 6 April 2005 –  On day three of her visit to the Philippines for the annual International Parliamentary Union (IPU) Assembly, UNICEF Executive Director Carol Bellamy urged lawmakers to focus on the factors that make children such easy targets for exploitation. Later in the day she received an award on behalf of UNICEF, presented by the Philippine Government.

Report highlights factors worsening child pornography problem

A new UNICEF report on child pornography in the Philippines shows that advances in technology have exacerbated the problem.

The study, commissioned by UNICEF, highlighted several reasons contributing to the spread of child pornography, including widespread poverty, prostitution and sex tourism. But the Internet and advances in technology are also facilitating the widespread distribution of child pornography.

“Child pornography aided by swiftly proliferating Internet technology has become a frightening new manifestation of exploitation and abuse of children globally,” Ms. Bellamy said at the conference, which was part of the annual International Parliamentary Union (IPU) Assembly.

The study found that digital technology not only allows traffickers to recruit children, but makes it easier to distribute pornography through e-mail, chat rooms and e-groups.

Award recognizes UNICEF-Philippine partnership

UNICEF has worked closely with the Philippine government on many child protection issues. In recognition of their work promoting the well-being of the women and children of the Philippines, Ms. Bellamy and UNICEF were honoured at a ceremony held at Malacanang Palace. Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo presented Ms. Bellamy with the Golden Heart Award with the rank of Grand Cross.







6 April 2005:
UNICEF correspondent John Allison reports on the release of the study on child pornography.

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6 April 2005:
UNICEF urges parliamentarians from around the world to end violence against children and women.

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5 April 2005:
UNICEF's Carol Bellamy addresses lawmakers.

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4 April 2005:
Executive Director Carol Bellamy visits a shelter for trafficked children in Manila, Philippines.

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