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6 July 2009 - Influx of refugees creates silent emergency in eastern Cameroon

Tape#: 8375
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young child leans against a wall in Cameroon, where resources are currently strained with the integration of 60,000 refugees from the Central African Republic.

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Production date: 25 June 2009

Duration: 3:00

Keywords: UNICEF, Cameroon, refugees

Main shooting locations: Cameroon

Main sequences: Since 2002, over 60,000 refugees from the neighbouring Central African Republic (CAR) have integrated into host communities in Cameroon. These refugees fled kidnappings and killings by groups of armed bandits from various CAR ex-military groups as well as rebels fleeing the Chadian conflict to the north. The refugees, primarily from the Mbororo ethnic group, have a long history of shepherding their cattle across the Cameroon-CAR border, and have had a peaceful co-existence with the Cameroonians. Their familiarity with the terrain made for relatively easy integration, as most of the refugees were not grouped in camps but rather began living alongside Cameroonians from the start. The generous hosts have shared all their resources, including land, food, water and schools for refugee children. In a broad sense the integration of the CAR refugees into eastern Cameroon can be considered a success story. However, five years later, the resources are becoming increasingly strained. 

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