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23 December 2008 - Building back better, four years after the tsunami

Tape#: JN 8064
video b-roll still
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(2:55, Real format)

Production date: November 15 to December 5 2008, file footage from 2004

Duration: 2:55

Keywords: UNICEF, children, tsunami, India, Sri Lanka, Banda Aceh, schools, health, water, sanitation, build-back-better

Main shooting locations: Banda Aceh, Indonesia; Tamil Nadu state, India; Akkarapatu, Sri Lanka; Phuket, Thailand

Main sequences: The 2004 tsunami left a wake of devastation that stretched across the Indian Ocean. Hundreds of thousands of people were killed. Many more were left homeless. Poor and isolated communities were left struggling to survive. Four years later and tremendous improvements can be seen in many places – improvements that go beyond repair and restoration and towards building back better for the future. 

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