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Global Movement for Children B-roll


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Duration: 40 minutes

Keywords: Global Movement for Children, participation, education, child soldiers, child rights, investment, young activists, street kids, immunization, Mandela

Main shooting locations: USA, Bangladesh, Kenya, Northern Ireland, Mexico, Russia, India, Mali, Colombia, Ethiopia, Belgium, Nepal, Cuba, Turkey

Main sequences: 

1. Say YES for Children events and launches in Mozambique, London, Turkey, Jordan
2. 1990 World Summit for Children
3. Times Square/NASDAQ display
4. Street children in Central and Eastern Europe and Latin America
5. Child soldiers, Latin America and Africa
6. Profiles of young activists from Kenya, Northern Ireland, Mexico, Russia
7. Education march for child labourers, India
8. Child rights marches, Belgium, Ethiopia, Mali, Colombia
9. British Airways, Manchester United football team working for children
10. Vitamin A, Nepal
11. Immunization, Bangladesh
12. Early Childhood Care Programme, Cuba
13. India Earthquake relief work
14. Interviews with:
-Graca Machel
-Carol Bellamy (UNICEF)
-Dan Seymour (Save the Children Fund) 
-Dean Hirsch (World Vision)
-Gordon Brown (UK Chancellor of the Exchequer)
-Clare Short (UK International Development Secretary)
-Mark Malloch Brown (United Nations Development Programme)


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