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October 2007 - UNICEF: “Machel plus 10” to address children and armed conflict (part 3)

Tape#: JN 7348 DRC Child Soldier “Maisha”
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“Maisha” has become a successful builder, a husband, and a father since his demobilization from a militia group in Democratic Republic of Congo.

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Production date: March 2007 & file

Duration: 3:46

Keywords: UNICEF, children, mayi-mayi, DRC, Democratic Republic of Congo, Machel, child soldier

Main shooting locations: Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo; Masisi Centrale, Democratic Republic of Congo; Rutshuru, Democratic Republic of Congo

Main sequences: In the past ten years, much progress has been made in recognizing the importance of demobilizing child soldiers and reintegrating them with society. As UNICEF reviews the recommendations of the landmark U.N. “Machel Report” on children and armed conflict, the stories of former soldiers are much needed testimony. This is the story of “Maisha,” who has turned his life around since leaving the army. 

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