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5 December 2007 - Burundians expelled from Tanzania seek refuge and help in transit camps

Tape#: JN 7365
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© UNICEF/2007/Ajia

Anita Mukeshimana and her two year old son were expelled from Tanzania and reside in the transit camp.

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Production date: November 2007

Duration: 3:00

Keywords: UNICEF, children, refugees, Burundi, Tanzania, transit camps

Main shooting locations: Muyinga, Burundi

Main sequences: Many Burundians living in Tanzania are being forced to leave after the authorities there decided to expel all Burundians from their country. Many must pass through a transit camp at Kinazi, which is a protected site for those crossing back to Burundi. With the help of a government agency called PARESI, and the support of UNICEF help is available for the refugees to reclaim their lost homes and reunite with their families. 

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