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21 August 2006 - UNICEF helps communities in Indonesia bring child laborers back into the classroom

Tape#: JN 6462
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© UNICEF/2006/ Nettleton

Sigit Wicaksono, 14, learns to use the computer in his sixth-grade class at Ngepung Primary School, East Java, Indonesia. Not long ago, he was a full-time child labourer who hauled concrete all day.

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Production date: 28 April 2006

Duration: 2:14

Keywords: UNICEF, children, child labour, Indonesia, java, community

Main shooting locations: Probolinggo, Indonesia

Main sequences: In East Java, many parents expect their children to work to provide for their families. Sigit Wicaksono, 14, joined the ranks of an estimated 1.5 million Indonesian child labourers aged 10 - 14, most of them out of school. To help these children get back to the classroom, UNICEF has directed an awareness campaign to inform communities, as well as businesses about children’s rights. Communities are also mobilizes to help build a better and inclusive learning environments for the children. 

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