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28 April 2005 - UNICEF says goodbye to Carol Bellamy

Tape#: JN5234500
© UNICEF video

Outgoing UNICEF Executive Director Carol Bellamy

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Production date: 27-28 April 2005

Duration: 3:41

Keywords: Bellamy, UNICEF

Main shooting locations: New York, USA

Main sequences: 

April 28 2005
1. SOT Carol Bellamy “This may be my last public event.”
2. CU photographer takes photo
3. WS video camera person recording Carol’s speech
4. MS delegates of the United Nations Delegations women’s club listen to Carol
5. SOT Carol Bellamy, “I don’t quite feel ready to sit in a rocking chair yet.
27 april 2005
6. WS Carol addressing the UN press corps
7. SOT Carol: “I am just fundamentally optimistic.”
28 April 2005
8. WS Carol receives present from UNICEF colleague at UN Headquarters.
9. WS people applaud
10. SOT Kul Gautum UNICEF Deputy Executive Director. “Carol is not always Miss
Congeniality. She is a tough taskmaster who is totally dedicated to the mission of UNICEF.
She is demanding and driven, but all for a good cause.”
11. CU woman laughs
12. SOT Mark Malloch Brown UN Chief of Staff, “You’re a good Brooklyn girl and you love
people who talk back to you.”
13. WS Partygoers
14. SOT Louise Frechette. “UNICEF produces an amazing number of extraordinary women
and chief among them is Carol Bellamy.”
15. WS Louise Frechette claps and brings Carol up to the podium
16. SOT Carol Bellamy “It was like opening the windows and letting the air in with a plan of
action we could all follow.
17. WS Carol hugs well wisher
18. WS Carol hugs well-wisher
19. WS Carol hugs Kul Gautum
20. SOT Carol Bellamy “I have no intention of giving up the fight. I will continue. Thank you
very much.”
21. WS people applaud as Carol steps down


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