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15 January 2005 - Maldives Tsunami stories

Tape#:  JN5032500
© UNICEF Maldives/2005

A Unicef staff member in Kudahuvadhoo, Maldives helps a young tsunami survivor after her entire island was evacuated.

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Production date: 15 January 2005

Duration: 1:48

Keywords: UNICEF, United Nations Children’s Fund, children, Maldives, male, health, education, child protection, tsunami, tidal wave, earthquake, destruction, school, school in a box, Secretary General, Kofi Annan, UN, supplies, airplanes, refugees

Main shooting locations: Maldives

Main sequences: 

Maldives Tsunami stories


1. Kofi Annan looks to the future of Tsunami Survivors
2. UNICEF Supplies arrive in Maldives
3. Displaced people in the Maldives


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