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UNICEF opens tent-school in quake area

2 April 2002 - The first UNICEF "tent-school" opened Monday in the village of Dasht-i-Qazi, in the region of Nahrin were the earthquake hit last week in Afghanistan. Another 11 tent-schools are expected to be erected in the coming days, responding to the wishes of the people that their children be back in school to resume as normal a life possible in the area, following the devastation in Nahrin. The name of the school is Meer Mohammad Shaheed School, but it is popularly known as the Dasht-i-Qazi School.

The opening ceremony was attended by both the Governor and Health Minister of Baghlan Province, Afghanistan.

UNICEF is distributing the following supplies for children in the quake area: socks, shoes, blankets, and high energy biscuits. The teachers are receiving two blankets, one kitchen kit, a box of high energy biscuits, a sweater (female), six pairs of socks, and one hygiene kit. Each school is also being provided with two recreation kits for children.

The erection of the tents for schools is real challenge given the harsh weather conditions. It is raining and very cold with snow all around.