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Sobre UNICEF: Quiénes somos

UNICEF e-greetings: New, improved and great for last-minute holiday wishes

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UNICEF worked with a team of international artists to create the e-greetings.

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By Raquel Wilson

NEW YORK, USA, 20 December 2006 ─ After a successful first year, UNICEF’s electronic greetings service, available online at, has undergone several improvements for this holiday season.

Originally launched in December 2005, the service allows individuals and businesses in nine countries around the globe to send virtual cards to friends, family members, clients and customers, while making a donation to support UNICEF’s programmes for children.

And because the e-greetings are sent instantly, they are ideal for last-minute holiday wishes.

‘Flexible and easier to use’

Currently available to UNICEF supporters Belgium, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and Sweden the newly redesigned site offers a fresh look with a simpler process for choosing and sending cards. (In industrialized countries not participating in the project, some of UNICEF’s national committees offer their own e-card services.)

Also implemented with the redesign were several new options for payment.  Purchases can now be made using direct debit, credit cards, online bank transfers or integrated payment gateways in specified countries.

“We wanted to make the site more flexible and easier to use,” says UNICEF e-greetings project leader Roger Keczkes.

Humanitarian appeal

Available in a wide variety of interactive designs, the e-greetings feature music and animations appropriate for many different occasions including Christmas, Hanukkah and birthdays.  After personalizing their card, users pay a low minimum fee per recipient with the option to specify a larger amount for donation to UNICEF. 

Through another new feature entitled ‘What the money buys’, users of the service are also able to see real examples of how UNICEF puts their money to work in two vital areas: emergency situations, where help is immediately needed, and ongoing programmes, which focus on child survival, child protection, education for all and support for children affected by HIV/AIDS.

While the project has already been a rewarding endeavour for UNICEF, further improvements are in the works with FullSIX London, the agency responsible for developing the e-greetings site. “Our future plans will further enhance the service and make it more enjoyable for everyone,” says Mr. Keczkes.




E-greetings: What are they all about?
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