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Panorama: Austria

Quiénes somos

Christiane Hörbiger: ‘Children need our strength, especially girls’

Imagen del UNICEF
© Werner Grecht
Christiane Hörbiger

Christiane Hörbiger is known both for her acting talent and her committment to girls’ education. She is a tireless advocate and lobbyist for the rights of woman and girls.

“Children need our strength, especially girls, because girls are the most neglected among the very poor,” she said. “That´s why, above all, I support UNICEF programmes for the girl child.”

Ms. Hoerbiger was born in Vienna and raised in a family of famous actors. She attended the renowned Max-Reinhardt-Seminar and started her career at the Burgtheater in Vienna. She acted on the stages of the most famous theatres in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

Since the 1960s, Ms. Hoerbiger has starred in various popular TV series, TV productions and in musicals. Ms. Hoerbiger has also appeared in various roles on the big screen. One of her movies, Schtonk, was nominated for an Academy Award. Ms. Hoerbiger has received numerous awards and medals for her work, including medals by the Republic of Austria and the Republic of Germany, and continues to receive recognition for her work.