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Panorama: Austria

Quiénes somos

Thomas Brezina: ‘Liking children means loving them, but also respecting them’

Imagen del UNICEF
Thomas Brezina

Children's problems, their rights, desires and opinions are particularly important for popular children’s author, Thomas Brezina. He has been an Ambassador for UNICEF Austria since 1996 and does what he can to help children.

“Really liking children means loving them, but also respecting them,” said Mr. Brezina. “They are not simply little creatures that need to be trained and brought up. They are little humans with desires, opinions, dreams and thoughts that have to be taken seriously.”

“UNICEF really cares for children,” he continued. “On the occasion of a recent field visit to Ghana I could see for myself how much UNICEF programmes [have] already improved children’s lives. And I also realized how much more help is still needed.”

Mr. Brezina is one of the most successful authors of books for children and adolescents in the German-speaking world. He wrote his first story (about a mouse on Jupiter) when he was only eight years old. Since then, he has thought up many different stories and adventures. His stories have been translated into 30 languages, meaning children in Italy, Spain, Russia, Brazil or China can read about the adventures.

Imagen del UNICEF
© M. Rauchenberger
Thomas Brezina surrounded by young fans.

Apart from his books, Mr. Brezina has also written plays, radio plays, scripts for movies, a number of television series and lots more. For years now, he has been writing and presenting ‘Tom Turbo’ - an interactive detective show with the "greatest bike in the world," which solves tricky crimes once a week together with himself, some children and the viewers.

For his "Raetselburg" ("Puzzle Castle") on Austrian television, Mr. Brezina thinks up all kinds of puzzles on different subjects every day and the viewers have to solve them. He is also involved in the "Spielegalaxie," a quiz and game show for children on the Super RTL television channel. In Spielegalaxie, two teams of children, each made up of a pilot and a co-pilot, compete against each other.