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The right to know

Young people and HIV/AIDS

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Young people like you can break the silence around HIV/AIDS and overcome the barriers to effective prevention and care. If you are committed, and have the support, you have the power to be the changing force that brings about public awareness and educates your community about the virus and how to prevent it.

First - arm yourself with the facts. You have the right to know the 10 fundamental facts about HIV/AIDS, including how to stay safe, how HIV enters the body and how to get tested. Check it out even if you’re sure you know a lot about the disease.

Curious about how your HIV/AIDS knowledge ranks? Then test it on the Awareness quiz. It’s aimed to get you thinking about HIV/AIDS and how it affects your community.

Second - spread the word. Every day is a good day to take action and be a force for change! World AIDS Day is observed around the globe with events and news to highlight progress being made against the disease and to remind people how much still needs to be done. It can be a great day to start your activity and create new HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention programmes.

Do it now!

As a young person, and a member of the generation with the highest rate of new HIV infections, there are many actions you can take to help stop the spread of HIV.

You have a responsibility and can be a powerful force for change!




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