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Cover page of 2007 HAR

Table of funding requirements

Funding chapter

Central and Eastern Europe the Commenwealth of Independent States regional chapter
Central and Eatern Europe the Commenwealth of Independent States map
Georgia map
Georgia country chapter  
North Caucasus map
North Caucasus country chapter 

East Asian and the Pacific map
East Asia and the Pacific regional chapter
Timor Leste map 
Timor Leste country chapter
Democratic People's Republic of Korea map
Democratic People's Republic of Korea country chapter  

Eastern and Southern Africa map
Eastern and Southern Africa regional chapter
Burundi map
Burundi country chapter Eritrea map
Eritrea country chapter
Ethiopia map
Ethiopia country chapter
Kenya map
Kenya country chapter
Lesotho map 
Lesotho country chapter
Malawi map
Malawi country chapter
Mozambique map
Mozambique country chapter
Somalia map
Somalia country chapter
Swaziland map 
Swaziland country chapter
Uganda map
Uganda country chapter 
Zambia map 
Zambia country chapter 
Zimbabwe map
Zimbabwe country chapter 

Middle East and North Africa map
Middle East and North Africa regional chapter
Lebanon map 
Lebanon country chapter
occupied Palestinian territory map 
occupied Palestinian territory country chapter
Sudan map 
Sudan country chapter 
Syria map 
Syria country chapter 

Region of South Asia map
Region of South Asia regional chapter
Afghanistan map
Afghanistan country chapter
Nepal map
Nepal country chapter  
Sri Lanka map
Sri Lanka country chapter  

The Americas and Carribean map
The Americas and Carribean regional chapter

Colombia map
Colombia country chapter
Haiti map
Haiti country chapter

West and Central Africa map
West and Central Africa regional chapter

Central African Republic map
Central African Republic country chapter
Chad map
Chad country chapter
Republic of the Congo map
Republic of the Congo country chapter 
DR Congo map  
DR Congo country chapter 
Côte d'Ivoire map
Côte d'Ivoire country chapter 
Guinea map
Guinea country chapter 
Liberia map
Liberia country chapter 
Niger map
Niger country chapter