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Base de datos de evaluación

Reports by date


1998 Global: Education for All: Policy Lessons from High-Achieving Countries

1998 Global: Financing of Fresh Water for All: A rights based approach

CEE/CIS 1998: A Critical Review of UNICEF's Support to Psycho Social and Peace Education Projects in the Countries of the Former Yugoslavia (BHG, Croatia, and FRY)

CEE/CIS 1998: Childhood Injuries: A Priority Area for the Transition Countries of Central and Eastern Europe and the Newly Independent States

GHA 1998/005: CHILDSCOPE: A Child-School-Community Project (A community-based effort to improve children's well-being and primary school quality in Ghana)

GHA 1998/006: RESPONSE: Evaluation Report

Global 1998: Finding the Right Frequency: UNICEF and Radio in the Twenty-First Century

Global 1998: Managing Teacher Costs for Access and Qualtiy

Global 1998: Social Funds in Developing Countries: Recent Experiences and Lessons

IDS 1998/012: Evaluation of the Area Based Planning Process Under the Maternal and Child Survival, Development and Protection Program

JAM 1998/800: The 1998/99 Jamaican National Budget: What's In It for the Children?

JAM 1998/801: Report on Study of the Transition from Pre-School to Primary

MYN 1998/001: Participatory Qualitative Evaluation of Life Skills and HIV/AIDS Training for Youth and Women

RWA 1998/800: Follow-up Survey of Rwandan Children’s Reactions to War Related Violence from the 1994 Genocide

SUD 1998/800: Girls' Education in Displaced Camps in Khartoum State

VTN 1998/019: Study on the Possible Pollution Caused by Water Seal Latrine to Ground Soil and Water After 10 Years of Operation

VTN 1998/026: A Study on Child Labour in Vietnam 1992-1998

YEM 1998/008: A Formative Assessment of the Area-Based Program in Abyan and Ibb Governorates

ZAM 1998/800: Advancing Girls' Education in Zambia: A Report on the Pilot Phase of the Programme for the Advancement of Girls' Education (PAGE)

ZAM 1998/801: Evaluation of HIV/AIDS Peer Education Programs




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