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Base de datos de evaluación

Reports by date


BAN 1999/800: Rapid Assessment on the Operational Status of the Para Centres in the Hill Districts

BAN 1999/801: Evaluation of the Urban Basic Services Delivery Project (UBSDP)

BTN 1999/002: Full-scale Evaluation of Non-Formal Education in Bhutan

CBD 1999/001: Student Repetition in Cambodia: Causes, Consequencs, and its Relationship to Learning

CHN 1999/001: Assessment: Pilot Study on Revolving Fund on Rural Sanitation, Anhui Province

CHN 1999/005: Effectiveness of Children's Welfare Institute Staff Training: Assessment Report

EAPRO 1999: External Review: Mekong Subregion STD/HIV/AIDS Project

GHA 1999/800: The Exodus: The Growing Migration of Children from Ghana's Rural Areas to the Urban Centers

Global 1999: Evaluation of UNICEF Multiple Indicator Cluster Surveys

Global 1999: Implementing Health Sector Reforms in Africa: A Review of Eight Country Experiences

Global 1999: Strengthening Organizational Learning Through Accelerated Programming UNICEF's Technical Support Group on HIV/AIDS and Youth Health and Development

IDS 1999/002: Evaluating the Impact of the Indonesian Complementary Food Initiative (CFI) on Reducing Early Childhood Malnutrition

IDS 1999/006: Impact of the Economic Crisis in Basic Education: A Study in Ten Rural Districts in Indonesia

IND 1999/801: Evaluation Study to Assess the Efficiency and Effectiveness of the National Programme for Nutritional Support to Primary Education in Ten States of India

IRN 1999/002: The Nutritional Status of Children

IRN 1999/002: The Nutritional Status of Children

JAM 1999/802: Review: Roving Caregivers Programme of the Rural Family Support Organization

KEN 1999/800: Baseline KAP Survey of Health Workers and Communities Regarding Mother to Child Transmission of HIV in Homa Bay and Nyeri

MLW 1999/800: Mid-Term Review of the UNICEF HIV/AIDS Programme, UNICEF Malawi

MOZ 1999/020: Evaluation of National Programme of Landmine Education and Awareness ( Evaluation of Programa de Educacao papa a Prevencao de Acidentes por Mines (PEPAM))

MOZ 1999/800: Social Mobilization and Communication Support for Immunization in Mozambique: A Joint Lessons Learned Study by UNICEF, WHO/AFRO, and USAID

NGR 1999/031: Baseline Survey of Qur'anic Schools in Katsina, Kebbi, Sokoto and Zamfara States

OMN 1999/003: Voices from the Community in the Sultanate of Oman: Local Women's Perceptions of Community Support Group Volunteers

PAK 1999/009: The Bond of Care: Kohat District 1998

PAK 1999/010: The Bond of Care: Dera Ismail Khan District 1998

PAK 1999/011: The Bond of Care: Mardan District 1998

PAK 1999/800: Gender Equity in Education in Pakistan: Evaluation of the Education Component of Social Action Program Project I (SAPP I)

PHI 1999/800: How to Raise Our Daughters and Sons: Child-Rearing and Gender Specialization in the Philippines

ROSA 1999: UNICEF South Asia Regional Evaluation of Progress Towards Universal Salt Iodization, 1993-1998

SAF 1999/802: The Self-Managing Schools Project: A Review of Implementation in N7 District

SOM 1999/800: Survey of Primary Schools in Somalia, 1999

SRI 1999/003: Mid-Term Evaluation of the Participatory Nutrition Improvement Project

TNZ 1999/011: Promoting Children's Rights in Tanzania: Baseline Study on Knowledge, Attitude and Practice on Children Rights

TNZ 1999/018: Study on Local Women's Perception of Refugees and Improving the Status and Conditions of Women Within CSPD Programme in Kibondo

TNZ 1999/802: Report on The Assessment of Training Programmes Supported Through the Government of Tanzania/UNICEF Country Programme of Cooperation 1997-2001

TNZ 1999/803: Participatory Action Research on HIV/AIDS Through Popular Theatre Approach

VTN 1999/001: The Evaluation on the Effectiveness of the Impact of Programs Kaleidoscope - VTV2 on the Awareness, Attitude and Behavior of Children Aged Between 13-15 in Implementing the Rights of the Child

VTN 1999/006: Prospects for Viet Nam's Rural Children: A Study on Early Childhood Care (The Voices of Major Stakeholders)

VTN 1999/008: Women's and Children's Rights: How Rights and Gender Sensitive Is the UNICEF Area Focused Approach

VTN 1999/010: Summary Report on Real Situation and Solutions to Promote Traditional Works Specialised Villages with Majority Female Workers

VTN 1999/020: KAP Study on School Sanitation and Control of Worm Infection

ZAM 1999/800: Formative Research on Mother to Child Transmission of HIV/AIDS in Zambia

ZAM 1999/801: The Mother-to-Child Transmission Intervention: A Report on the Formative Research Conducted in Chipata Health Centre and Its Catchment Area

ZIM 1999/800: Impact Evaluation of Student Teacher Training in HIV/AIDS Education in Zimbabwe




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