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Base de datos de evaluación

Evaluation report

2007 Global: Strategic Review of Human Resource Management in UNICEF

Executive summary


The purpose of the report is to make a diagnosis of the Human Resource Management in UNICEF and recommend measures to improve the planning of future directions, strategies and resourcing of HRM within UNICEF.


The review discovered a profound malaise about the way UNICEF handles its human resources. It found systems and decision-making that did not support effective HRM, and policies and practices that contradicted one another. It also found staff believing they were not valued by the organization, and managers unable or unwilling to do anything about it. Additionally, It found a troubling erosion of commitment. And despite myriad controls, It found a remarkable lack of accountability throughout the organization. Finally, it found a culture highly resistant to change.

Over-arching recommendation

It concluded that past change efforts had failed because they stayed at the surface level and did not adequately change mindsets and behaviours. It recommends that UNICEF needs an internally consistent and coherent framework for HRM centered on line managers who are accountable for managing people and performance. They should be supported in so doing by an HRM function that has the professional expertise to provide high-level and strategic support. Managers also need to be supported by effective planning of staffing needs and by more effective and efficient HRM processes, particularly in the areas of recruiting, selecting and developing staff.

Annexes to the Report

Annex 1-5 [PDF]  Annex 6 [PDF]

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