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Base de datos de evaluación

Reports by date


2003 ALG: Psychosocial Care for Children Traumatized by Terrorist Violence

2003 BAN: Multi-Donor Evaluation of the Acid Survivors Foundation

2003 BH: Extended Annual Review of UNICEF Bosnia-Herzegovina Country Programme 2002-2004: Gender Assessment

2003 BH: Legal Aspects of Social Protection for Children in Bosnia and Herzegovina

2003 BH: Voluntary Confidential Counselling and Testing Project Evaluation

2003 BOL: Evaluation of Sida-Funded Projects Through UNICEF - Bolivia 1989 - 2002

2003 CBD: Evaluation of a Traditional Birth Attendant Programme: Stung Treng Province, Cambodia

2003 CEE/CIS: Study of the Northern Caucaus Emergency Programme, Nov 1999 to Dec 2002

2003 EGY: Assessment Report on the Children at Risk Community Monitoring Mechanism

2003 EGY: Attitudes and Values of Egyptian Opinion Leaders Towards FGM/C: A Qualitative Evaluation

2003 EGY: Support to National Communication Polio Plan — Post Survey

2003 Global: ChildInfo — Consolidated Assessment Report

2003 Global: Desk Review of Real-time Evaluation Experience

2003 Global: Education as a Preventive Strategy Against Child Labour: Evaluation of the Cornerstone Programme of UNICEF's Global Child Labour Programme

2003 Global: Evaluation of United Nations-supported pilot projects for the prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV

2003 Global: Local Solutions to Local Challenges: Towards Effective Partnership in Basic Education - Joint Evaluation of External Support to Basic Education in Developing Countries

2003 Global: Martigny II -- Where are We Now? A Review of UNICEF Humanitarian Response Capacity

2003 IDS: Education Communication Initiative

2003 IDS: External Evaluation Institution Building and Mainstreaming Child Protection in Indonesia

2003 IDS: Psychosocial Interventions Evaluation of UNICEF Supported Projects (1999- 2001)

2003 IDS: Wheat Flour Fortification in Indonesia

2003 IRQ: A Preliminary Study on the Impact of Sanctions and War on Iraqi Women's Health, Social, Cultural and Educational Life

2003 IRQ: Iraq Watching Briefs — Overview Report, July 2003

2003 MCD: Evaluation of the Interactive Learning Project

2003 NEP: A Review of the Use of Child Info

2003 NEP: What's the difference? An ECD Impact Study from Nepal

2003 NIG: Evaluation of the Strategies of Social Mobilization for the National Immunization Days (NIDS) in Niger

2003 SUD: Analysis of Nine Conflicts in Sudan

2003 SUD: The Evaluation of Nomadic Education Project in Kordufan States

2003 UGD: Mid-Term Review Study on School Sanitation, Hygiene and Water in Primary Schools in Uganda

2003 VTN: Mid-Term Review of UNICEF Emergency Programme 2001-2003

2003 ZAM: Link Association for the Relief of Children Communication Action Support Project Evaluation




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