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Base de datos de evaluación

Reports by theme

Gender Equality

2007 Mali: Evaluation of Gender Policy Implementation in UNICEF

2011 Global: Formative Evaluation of the United Nations Girls' Education Initiative (UNGEI)

2010 Mexico: Design and results evaluation of the education programme CREA Tu espacio

2010 Yemen: Evaluation of Getting ready for school : A Child-to-Child Approach

2010 Sudan: Go To School Evaluation

2010 Egypt: Reaching the Unreached Forward looking assessment of the 'Community Schools Project' in Egypt

2010 Zambia: Evaluation of Sensitisation of Traditional Leaders on the Importance of Girls’ Education

2010 Madagascar: Evaluation on girl-to-girl mentorship strategy

2009 Global: Child Friendly Schools Programming -- Global Evaluation Report

2009 Armenia: Evaluation of Inclusive Education Policies and Programmes in Armenia

2009 Romania: Report From the Evaluation of Education Projects in Osterode

2009 China: Special Report on Compulsory Education for Children Migrating with Parents and Left-behind Children

2010 Sri Lanka: Qualitative Evaluation of Child Friendly Schools (CFS) in Badulla & Batticaloa

2009 Uganda: Report on the Study on Alternative Delivery Models for Primary Schooling and Primary Teacher Training for Karamoja Region

2009 Armenia: An Assessment of Armenia’s Child-Friendly School Pilot Projects and CFS Standards for UNICEF Armenia

2008 Senegal: Long-term Evaluation of the Tostan Programme in Senegal: Kolda, Thies and Fatick Regions

2010 Tanzania: A Report on Evaluation of Community Justice Facilitation Project

2007 Chile: Evaluación del Acceso y Calidad de la Aplicación del Protocolo de Prevención de la Transmisión Vertical del VIH en las Mujeres Embarazadas en Chile

2008 DJI: Assessment of Gender Institutionalization in United Nations Programmes in Djibouti

2008 Global: Evaluation of Gender Policy Implementation in UNICEF

2000 EGY: Gender Audit

2003 BAN: Multi-Donor Evaluation of the Acid Survivors Foundation

2004 EGY: The Capacity Building of Egyptian NGOs to Implement Beijing Platform of Action Project

2003 BH: Extended Annual Review of UNICEF Bosnia-Herzegovina Country Programme 2002-2004: Gender Assessment

Global 1997: Role of Men in the Lives of Children: A Study on How Improving Knowledge About Men in Families Helps Strengthen Programming for Children and Women

VTN 1999/008: Women's and Children's Rights: How Rights and Gender Sensitive Is the UNICEF Area Focused Approach

2002 EGY: Protection of the Girl Child and Eradication of Malpractices

PHI 1999/800: How to Raise Our Daughters and Sons: Child-Rearing and Gender Specialization in the Philippines

2000 CAB: Survey Report on Gender Socialization in Two Selected Communities: Palissadeweg and Munderbuiten

2001 PAK: The Girl Child Shield Project: Assessment Report

2001 PAK: Girl Child Project: Assessment Report 2001




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