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Base de datos de evaluación

Reports by region

CEE/CIS - Central and Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States

ROM 2000/001: Evaluation Report: UNICEF'S Family Education Programme Romania

CRO 2000/004: External and Internal Evaluations of the Project "Active/Efficient School"

CEE/CIS 2000: Aral Sea Project for Environmental and Regional Assistance (ASPERA) Evaluation

CEE/CIS 1998: Childhood Injuries: A Priority Area for the Transition Countries of Central and Eastern Europe and the Newly Independent States

CEE/CIS 1998: A Critical Review of UNICEF's Support to Psycho Social and Peace Education Projects in the Countries of the Former Yugoslavia (BHG, Croatia, and FRY)

BHG 2001/007: Evaluation of Health Workers' Education in the Federation BIH: Nutritive Anaemia Among Children Under the Age of 6 Years

BHG 2000/014: Progress Report on Mine Awareness Activities Sponsored by UNICEF

BHG 2000/013: Progress Report Creating Active Schools 1998-2000

BHG 2000/011: External Evaluation of the Project 'Schools for Pregnant Women'

BHG 2000/006: External Evaluation of the Project "Psychosocial Care in Paediatric Wards" of Hospitals in Bosnia and Herzegovina July 1998-September 2000

BEL 2004: Evaluation of the project on deinstitutionalisation and activities related to support of families and alternative placement of children deprived of parental care in the Republic of Belarus during 1999-2004

AZE 2002/010: Evaluation of Information and Program Communication Components of the Program of Cooperation, Azerbaijan

AZE 2002/007: Assessment of Young People's Health and Development Programme with Focus on Capacity and Effectiveness of Youth Resource Centers

AZE 2000/002: National Immunization Programme Evaluation (Azerbaijan, 1999)

ALB 2001/801: National Measles-Rubella Vaccination Campaign, November 1-15, 2000

2011 Kosovo: Improving Health of Women and Children of Kosovo, 2007-2010

2011 CEECIS: Evaluation of UNICEF-DIPECHO Programme Supporting Disaster Risk Reduction Amongst Vulnerable Communities and Institutions in Central Asia and South Caucasus

2011 Azerbaijan: Mid-Term review of the State Programme on Deinstitutionalization and Alternative Care in Azerbaijan 2011

2009 Romania: Report From the Evaluation of Education Projects in Osterode

2009 Armenia: Evaluation of Inclusive Education Policies and Programmes in Armenia

2009 Armenia: An Assessment of Armenia’s Child-Friendly School Pilot Projects and CFS Standards for UNICEF Armenia

2008 CEE/CIS: Regional Thematic Evaluation of health promotion and communication capacity

2008 CEE/CIS: Regional Thematic Evaluation Of UNICEF Contribution To Child Care System Reform In Central Asia

2007 Ukraine: Comprehensive External Evaluation of the National AIDS Response in Ukraine

2007 BIH: Joint Country-Led Evaluation of Child-focused Policies within the Social Protection Sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina

2006 GEO: Evaluation of the Family Support & Foster Care Project and Prevention of Infant Abandonment and De-institutionalisation Project

2006 CEE/CIS: Sub-Regional Formative Evaluation of the Global Education Project (2002-2005) in the CARK Region

2005 SER: External Evaluation of the Day Care Center “TISA” for Children with Disabilities, Bijelo Polje, Montenegro

2005 CEE/CIS: Young People's Participation in the CEE/CIS Region

2004 SCG: Evaluative Review of Active Learning Project in Primary in Serbia and Montenegro

2004 KVO: Child Friendly School Initiative Project, Kosovo: Evaluation Report

2004 BHG: Evaluation of UNICEF's Capacity Development Strategy in Bosnia & Herzegovina 2002-2004

2004 ALB: Mid-Term Evaluation of Promoting Social Cohesion and Conflict Prevention and Improving ECD in Northern Albania

2003 MCD: Evaluation of the Interactive Learning Project

2003 CEE/CIS: Study of the Northern Caucaus Emergency Programme, Nov 1999 to Dec 2002

2003 BH: Voluntary Confidential Counselling and Testing Project Evaluation

2003 BH: Legal Aspects of Social Protection for Children in Bosnia and Herzegovina

2003 BH: Extended Annual Review of UNICEF Bosnia-Herzegovina Country Programme 2002-2004: Gender Assessment

2002 UKR: Evaluation of Project HIV Prevention Among Young IDUs (10 regions of Ukraine) Plus KAP Results

2002 UKR: Evaluation of Project "HIV Prevention Among Youth of the Southern Region of Ukraine" (Three Cities) Plus KAP Results

2002 SER: Civic Education in Primary and Secondary Schools in the Republic of Serbia

2002 MCD: Assessment of Irregular School Attendance and Dropout Among Refugee Children in Macedonia

2002 GEO: Monitoring and Categorization of Street Children and Creation of their Registration System

2002 CEE/CIS: Anaemia Prevention and Control: Mid-Term Evaluation for UNICEF CARK Regional Office

2002 BHG: Evaluation of the UNICEF School-Based Psychosocial Program for War-Exposed Adolescents as Implemented During the 2000-2001 School Year

2002 AZE: Voices and Images of Hope - Building Partnerships for ECCD in Azerbaijan

2002 AZE: Formative Evaluation: Active Learning School Leadership Project, Azerbaijan

2002 AZE: An External Review of the UNICEF-ANAMA Mine Risk Education Project in Azerbaijan

2001 UKR: Young People's Health and Development Programme Evaluation 1997-2001

2001 UKR: Children and Young People Affected by HIV/AIDS in Ukraine

2001 SCG: Economic Sanctions, Health, and Welfare in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia 1990-2000

2001 CEE/CIS: Walking on Two Legs: A Developmental and Emergency Response to HIV/AIDS Among Young Drug Users in the CEE/CIS Region

2001 BSR: Early Childhood Development in The Republic of Belarus

2001 BHG: Post-War Intervention Program for Adolescents: Results of Psychodiagnostic Screening

2001 BHG: Evaluation of Psychosocial Project in Primary and Secondary Schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina from 1992-1998

2001 BHG: Analysis of Drug Use at Paediatric Clinic, Clinical Hospital Banja Luka

2001 AZE: Reaching the Last Few: Girls' Education in Azerbaijan

2000 MCD: Evaluation of the "Lifestart in Emergencies" ECCD Project

2000 KOS: UNICEF Preparedness and Response in the 1999 Kosovo Refugee Emergency

2000 CEE/CIS: Trafficking in Human Beings in Southeastern Europe

2000 BHG: Progress Report of the "In Service Teachers Training Using Active Learning Methodologies" in Two Experimental Primary Schools in Republika Srpska

2000 BHG: Intervention programme for Prevention of Nutritive Anaemia in Children Aged 0-6 in Federation Bosnia and Herzegovina

2000 BHG: External Evaluation of the Project "Special Classrooms for Children with Disabilities" 1997-2000

2000 BHG: Expanded Programme on Immunization UNICEF/WHO Assessment Report

2000 BHG: Evaluation of Program Efficacy: UNICEF School-based Psychosocial Program for War Exposed Adolescents as Implemented During the 1999-2000 School Year

2000 BHG: Breastfeeding in Republika Srpska

2000 AZE: ECCD in Azerbaijan: Looking into the Future (Fact-Findings Mission Report)

2000 ALB: Knowledge, Attitude, Practices and Behaviours Survey on Reproductive Health

2000 ALB: Household Health Behaviour Attitudes Toward Paid Health Care and Health Care Expenditures




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