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Haití – País en crisis

Diario de operaciones

29 September 2004: Helping the traumatized in Gonaives
"Besides the health risks and real security concerns in Gonaives, my greatest concern for the people is the trauma they have suffered,” UNICEF Officer Dr. Ralph Midy told me yesterday.

28 September 2004: Gonaives struggles to rebuild after floods
GONAIVES, Haiti, 28 September 2004 - The humanitarian emergency in Gonaives has turned from rescue to recovery. More help is on the way, thanks in part to the work of UNICEF and its partners. The stoical residents of Gonaives are rebuilding, even though parts of their city remain flooded more than a week after Tropical Storm Jeanne lashed northwestern Haiti.

18 August 2004: Peace wins at historic football match
The Brazilian team was driven today from the Port-au-Prince airport to the national stadium in United Nations armoured personal carriers – each vehicle adorned with huge Haitian and Brazilian flags.

18 August 2004: A game of unity for all Haitians
It’s important to put the Game of Peace into a proper perspective, as many may be wondering why a football match could be so important – especially for a country like Haiti where so many endlessly struggle just to survive.

18 August 2004: Brazil football stars team up for kids
UNICEF’s new report, Sport Recreation and Play, states that the right to play helps teach young people life skills, brings communities together, and addresses young people in a language they understand.

16 August 2004: Visiting a summer camp for war-affected youth
“Hey you, hey you.” In friendly, broken English, that’s what scores of young Haitian children called out to me this morning when I was leaving ‘Timoun ke kontan’ (‘Happy Children’), a UNICEF-supported project for war-affected children.

12 junio 2004: cuando cada hora cuenta para salvar una vida
Apenas se distingue su voz a través de las interferencias del teléfono por satélite. "Me hacen falta dos grandes cajas de leche en polvo, un saco grande de azúcar y una botella de aceite vegetal", dice Shannon Strother, una experta en nutrición del UNICEF que trabaja en Haití. "¿Podrías parar en un supermercado de camino hacia el aeropuerto?".




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