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Las campañas de educación de las niñas

Semana Internacional de Acción de 2004

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World's Biggest Ever Lobby, 19-25 April 2004

The Global Campaign for Education’s Week of Action 2004 provides opportunities for thousands of children to lobby for their right to an education. From 19 to 25 April 2004, children worldwide will take part in the ‘World’s Biggest Ever Lobby’, speaking out on their right to education in national parliaments, state assemblies, village councils and in their communities.

The children will address politicians and decision-makers, neighbours, friends and families. Their message is simple: “Please do more to give every child the chance to go to school and get a quality education.”

UNICEF is especially concerned about the disproportionate number of girls who are denied their right to an education. Of the 121 million children out of school worldwide, more than half are girls. In most countries, girls face higher barriers than boys to get into and stay in school. Countless numbers never receive any quality education at all. The consequences for these millions of girls can be devastating. Not only do they lose out on their human right to an education and on opportunities to develop to their fullest potential, but they are more likely to be subjected to violence and abuse and to diseases such as HIV/AIDS.

With the Millennium Development Goal for gender parity in education upon us next year, the count-down for our efforts to get girls in school has started.

Click here to see how UNICEF is supporting GCE Action Week 2004 worldwide (Afghanistan, Benin, Nepal, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Sudan, Zambia).

Check back here during Action Week for regular updates.



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