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Adolescencia y juventud

Global Component


  • To provide technical support to selected countries and regions in the comprehensive examination of adolescent girls' experiences and needs and assisting them in implementing programmes and strategies that provide information, skills, services and a safe and supportive environment to meet the development and participation rights of adolescents with particular emphasis on girls 
  • To document, synthesise and disseminate the experiences and 'lessons learned' from country-level activities and mobilize additional investment needed for programming in the area of adolescents
  • To strengthen collaboration with UN partners, NGOs, governmental agencies for programmes designed to meet the development rights of adolescent girls to information, life and livelihood skills, education and health services, a safe and supportive environment, opportunities and participation
  • To design innovative mechanisms for measuring adolescent development and participation
  • To promote and internalise the issue of adolescent development and participation within UNICEF, to support UNICEF's current and future programme priorities to further the participation and development rights of adolescents with particular focus on girls.
  • Research and strategic direction

    The project has generated a set of studies, research and experiences to inform programming on adolescents. These are works in progress and are useful as reference documents to generate further thinking in these areas. Read more...





    Project Partners

    Implementing partners: UNICEF, UNFPA and WHO

    Technical Partners: Commonwealth of Youth Programme, International Centre for Research on Women, Population Council