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Building a world fit for children earns Bellamy an honourary doctorate

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© Ferris University
UNICEF Executive Director Carol Bellamy receives an honourary doctorate from Ferris University in Japan.

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YOKOHAMA, Japan, 18 December 2001—Ferris University, the oldest women's university in Japan, conferred an honourary doctorate on UNICEF Executive Director Carol Bellamy in a ceremony on 18 December 2001. This was the first honourary degree bestowed by this prestigious institution in its 131-year history.

While conferring the degree, University President Dr. Akira Satake paid tribute to Ms. Bellamy's dynamic leadership of UNICEF. He observed that UNICEF tackles many challenges facing children and women in the world. Dr. Satake also noted that from 1949 to1962, Japan benefited from UNICEF's efforts. He said that Ms. Bellamy's dedication to service "for others"—the university's motto—was further underscored by her earlier work with the Peace Corps and the New York City Council.

In her acceptance speech, Ms. Bellamy emphasized her personal commitment to child rights. She outlined the progress made for children in recent decades and highlighted the Convention on the Rights of the Child as the foundation that guides UNICEF's work throughout the world.

Ms. Bellamy also offered some personal advice to students: never be daunted by failures since they are opportunities to learn to succeed.

The event was attended by almost 500 students, professors, alumni and invited guests.



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