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Junta Ejecutiva de UNICEF

Noticias sobre las sesiones anteriores

Estos documentos sólo están disponibles en inglés.

UNICEF Executive Director Ann M. Veneman closes a ‘positive and productive’ session with the Executive Board
NEW YORK, USA, 19 January 2006 – The final day of the UNICEF Executive Board meeting was over within an hour, reflective of the efficiency with which discussions were held during the previous three days.

UNICEF Executive Director Ann M. Veneman thanks donors for vital funds
NEW YORK, USA, 18 January 2006 – On the 3rd day of the UNICEF Executive Board’s First Regular Session for 2006 governmental delegates took part in a ‘pledging session’, promising vital funds for UNICEF.

UNICEF Executive Board discusses new programme strategies to help save lives
NEW YORK, USA, 17 January 2006 – Malnutrition is behind one in every two deaths of children who die before their fifth birthday, the UNICEF Executive Board heard today.

Executive Director Ann M. Veneman addresses the UNICEF Executive Board
NEW YORK, USA, 16 January 2006 – UNICEF Executive Director Ann M. Veneman is warning that the rate of progress towards increasing child survival rates around the world to date has been unacceptable.

Working for Afghanistan’s children
NEW YORK, 30 September 2005 – UNICEF’s Regional Director for South Asia is calling on the international community to make an “ironclad commitment” to rebuilding Afghanistan.

The next 4 years: UNICEF’s plan of action
NEW YORK, 28 September 2005 – In 2005, the situation facing children in many countries remains extremely grave. Some 10.8 million infants die every year, 2 million are infected with HIV, and an estimated 15 million have been orphaned by AIDS.

Elogios al personal en todo el mundo en las declaraciones finales del periodo anual de sesiones
NUEVA YORK, 10 de junio de 2005 – El Periodo anual de sesiones de la Junta Ejecutiva de UNICEF terminó hoy después de una semana de reuniones con un tributo del Presidente de la Junta al personal de UNICEF en todo el mundo.

Thursday, 9 June 2005: Executive Board discusses progress and plans for five major programme areas.
NEW YORK, 9 June 2005 – The focus on the fourth day of the Annual Session of UNICEF’s Executive Board was on five major programme areas – HIV/AIDS, child protection, health and nutrition, post-conflict transition and immunization.

Wednesday, 8 June 2005: Additional funding proposed for 20 Country Programmes
NEW YORK, 9 June 2005 – During the third day of the Annual Session of UNICEF’s Executive Board, UNICEF Regional Directors presented draft proposals for changes to 20 Country Programmes, including the call for more funding. The members of the Executive Board are responsible for overseeing and approving UNICEF programmes in 157 countries around the world.

Tuesday, 7 June 2005: Annual Session day 2 focuses on strategic plan
NEW YORK, 7 June 2005 – Discussions during the second day of the Annual Session of UNICEF’s Executive Board focused on the organization’s Medium Term Strategic Plan (MTSP) for 2006 – 2009. Executive Director Ann M. Veneman has called the document, now in draft form, “UNICEF’s business plan to contribute to the Millennium Development Goals.”

Monday, 6 June 2005: Ann M. Veneman at UNICEF Executive Board's Annual Session 2005
NEW YORK, 6 June 2005 - Five weeks into her tenure as UNICEF’s Executive Director, Ann M. Veneman attended her first session of the UNICEF Executive Board at the opening of the Annual Session of 2005.

Wednesday, 19 January 2005: India seeks continued progress in fight against child mortality
NEW YORK, 19 January 2005 – On the final day of the Executive Board meeting, the representative of India praised UNICEF’s efforts to reduce child mortality, but said that further progress is needed.

Wednesday, 19 January 2005: Carol Bellamy praises Executive Board for support and leadership
NEW YORK, 19 January 2005 - UNICEF Executive Director Carol Bellamy received a standing ovation when she made her final address to the organization’s Executive Board yesterday.

Tuesday, 18 January 2005: New Executive Board President says countries must fulfil relief commitments
NEW YORK, 18 January 2005 - The new President of the UNICEF Executive Board, Ambassador Mehdi Danesh-Yazdi of Iran, has urged all of those who pledged money to the tsunami relief effort for the Indian Ocean region to make good on their promises.

Tuesday, 18 January 2005: Immunization strategy
NEW YORK, 18 January 2005 – A new strategy for immunization, which will help focus unprecedented global attention on the importance of this basic health measure, was the focus for discussion today at the current Session of the UNICEF Executive Board.

Monday, 17 January 2005
The Indian Ocean tsunami dominated the opening session of the UNICEF Executive Board’s first session for 2005.




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