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Los documentos de trabajo de esta página abordan asuntos cruciales que afectan al mundo de la infancia y abarcan cuatro amplias esferas en las labores sobre políticas de UNICEF: política social y análisis económico, igualdad de género y derechos humanos, reforma legislativa y asuntos seleccionados para un trabajo de investigación en profundidad como parte de la redacción del Estado Mundial de la Infancia. Estos documentos representan un trabajo de investigación independiente y el análisis de especialistas internos y externos.

Documentos de trabajo sobre política social y económica:

Achieving universal primary education in Ghana by 2015: A Reality or a Dream?

Can the Kenyan state put the 300,000 most vulnerable children in the country on a cash transfer programme by the end of 2010?

Child Labour, Education and Policy Options

Child Labour, Education and the Principle of Non-Discrimination

Children and Women Left Behind in Labour Sending Countries: An Appraisal of Social Risks

Social Budgeting in Kenya: Concepts and Practice

Remittances and Children's Rights

Increasing the Impact of Remittances on children's rights in the Philippines

The Effects of Parents' Migration on the Rights of Children Left Behind in the Philippines

New Aid Architecture: A Good Fit for Children?

Universal Primary Education: Reaching the Unreached in Cambodia

The Impact of International Migration: Children Left Behind in selected countries of Latin America and the Caribbean

The impact of parental deprivation on the development of children left behind by Moldovan migrants

The Impacts of Migration on Children in Moldova

Impact Social des Transferts de Fonds des Marocains Résidant À L’étranger: Une Revue de Littérature

Investing in Rwanda: Effective Choices for Orphans and Girls in Primary Education

Dalits in India and Nepal: Policy Options for Improving Social Inclusion in Education

Three Hours a Week: Reducing Disparities and Scaling up access to quality pre-primary education in Guyana, Suriname and St. Lucia

Preventing Child Trafficking in the Gulf countries, Yemen and Afghanistan: Policy Options

Faire reculer le VIH au Burkina Faso, au Cameroun, en Gambie et au Niger dans le Contexte de la lutte contre la pauvrete

Reaching the MDGs in South Asia: An Inventory of Public Policies to Overcome Social Exclusion

Documentos de trabajo sobre igualdad de género y derechos humanos:

Dialogue on the intergartion of a human rights perspective into the response to rising food prices

Women Politicians, Gender Bias and Policy-making in rural India

Poverty Begins at Home?  Questioning some (mis)conceptions about children, poverty and privation in female-headed households

Eliminating Gender Disparity in Primary Education: the case of Turkey

Accelerating Girls' Education in Yemen: Rethinking Policies in Teacher Recruitment and School Distribution

Documentos de trabajo sobre la pobreza y la infancia:

Children Living in Poverty: Overview of Definitions, Measurements and Policy

Are Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers impacting child poverty? A Nicaraguan case study

Incidence, Depth and Severity of Children in Poverty

HIPCs, Development Assistance and Children: Child Survival Imperatives in Aid Programmes

Poverty and Children: a Perspective

Childhood Poverty in Mozambique and budgetary allocations

Child Benefits and Poverty Reduction: Evidence from Mongolia's child money programme

Documentos de trabajo sobre la reforma legislativa y la infancia:

Supporting the realization of children's rights through a rights-based approach to legislative reform

Rwanda: The Impact of Women Legislators on Policy Outcomes Affecting Children and Families

Female Legislators and the promotion of women, children and family policies in Latin America

UNICEF's Experience in the area of legislative reform: A Review of selected countries





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