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About the World Wide Web Version

This is the 16th annual report of The State of the World's Children and the first to be published on the World Wide Web. As you can see from these pages, the visual elements of the report are very well served by the graphic interface of the Web.

UNICEF is releasing this Web version to coincide with the international launch of The State of the World's Children in London, the United Kingdom, on 11 December 1995, which also marks the beginning of the agency's 50th year since it was established by the United Nations General Assembly.

The State of the World's Children, published in hard copy in English, French and Spanish, may be reproduced, translated and distributed with UNICEF permission. Requests for permission should be accompanied by a statement regarding the purpose for which the material is to be used. Please credit UNICEF in the reproduced copy. UNICEF also welcomes comments and questions.

Another major UNICEF publication, The Progress of Nations, is also available on the World Wide Web.

For hard copies of UNICEF publications, kindly contact your nearest UNICEF Field Office (if you are in a developing country) or your National Committee for UNICEF (if you are in an industrialized country). There may be a shipping and handling charge.

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