A boy looks at his laptop in the dark, Palestine

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 How much do you know about children in a digital world? Test your knowledge:


Levelling the digital playing field

Children being online is a fact of life, but their exposure to online risks and abuse shouldn’t be. In all of these stories, children need a hand, a way to get the best from the digital world without becoming its victim. Whether it’s equal learning for Roshani in India, bridging Cameroon’s digital divide for Waibai, keeping Gabi’s family intact in Moldova, or decreasing online threats for young people like Angeline in Malaysia – UNICEF believes collective action is needed to level the digital playing field and make it safer for children online.
“In a digital world, our job is to mitigate the harms and maximize the benefits of the internet for every child,” says UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake.
UNICEF is calling on governments, the digital technology sector and telecom industries to make expanding access to the internet and protecting children online a priority. Policy makers and business people need to work to benefit children in these practical ways:




The digital challenges and opportunities facing young people