Adolescent voices

Syed Aown Shahzad
16, Pakistan
From victims to activists: Children and the effects of climate change in Pakistan
Meenakshi Dunga
16, India
Act responsibly: Nurse our planet back to health
Saeda Almatari
16, Jordan/United States
Unrealistic media images: A danger to adolescent girls
Cian Mc Leod
17, Ireland
Striving for equity: A look at marginalized adolescents in Zambia
Paolo Najera
17, Costa Rica
Keeping the flame alive: Indigenous adolescents’ right to education and health services
Brenda Garcia
17, Mexico
Reclaim Tijuana: Put an end to drug-related violence


The global state of adolescents; the challenges they face in health, education, protection and participation; and the risks and vulnerabilities of this pivotal stage are looked at closely in a series of panels in the report, available as a PDF.


Adults and adolescents were invited to give their perspectives on the critical issues facing adolescents in the 21st century.