The panels are downloadable as one file or in parts.

All panels in one file [PDF, 475KB]

Panel 1.1 Challenges in measuring maternal deaths [PDF, 26KB]

Panel 1.2 Creating a supportive environment for mothers and newborns [PDF, 27KB]

Panel 1.3 Maternal and newborn health in Nigeria - Developing strategies to accelerate progress [PDF, 25KB]

Panel 1.4 Expanding Millennium Development Goal 5 - Universal access to reproductive health by 2015 [PDF, 40KB]

Panel 1.5 Prioritizing maternal health in Sri Lanka [PDF, 25KB]

Panel 1.6 The centrality of Africa and Asia in the global challenges for children and women [PDF, 122KB]

Panel 1.7 The global food crisis and its potential impact on maternal and newborn health [PDF, 61KB]

Panel 2.1 Promoting healthy behaviours for mothers, newborns and children - The Facts for Life guide [PDF, 40KB]

Panel 2.2 Primary health care - 30 years since Alma-Ata [PDF, 24KB]

Panel 2.3 Addressing the health worker shortage - A critical action for improving maternal and newborn health [PDF, 33KB]

Panel 2.4 Towards greater equity in health for mothers and newborns [PDF, 80KB]

Panel 2.5 Adapting maternity services to the cultures of rural Peru [PDF, 24KB]

Panel 2.6 Southern Sudan - After the peace, a new battle against maternal mortality [PDF, 24KB]

Panel 3.1 Eliminating maternal and neonatal tetanus [PDF, 24KB]

Panel 3.2 Hypertensive disorders - Common yet complex [PDF, 24KB]

Panel 3.3 The first 28 days of life [PDF, 27KB]

Panel 3.4 Midwifery in Afghanistan [PDF, 24KB]

Panel 3.5 Kangaroo mother care in Ghana [PDF, 33KB]

Panel 3.6 HIV-malaria co-infection in pregnancy [PDF, 26KB]

Panel 3.7 The challenges faced by adolescent girls in Liberia [PDF, 24KB]

Panel 4.1 Using critical link methodology in health-care systems to prevent maternal deaths [PDF, 24KB]

Panel 4.2 New directions in maternal death [PDF, 27KB]

Panel 4.3 Strengthening the health system in the Lao People's Democratic Republic [PDF, 24KB]

Panel 4.4 Saving mothers and newborn lives - the crucial first days after birth [PDF, 30KB]

Panel 4.5 Burundi - Government commitment to maternal and child health care [PDF, 24KB]

Panel 4.6 Integrating maternal and newborn health care in India [PDF, 24KB]

Panel 5.1 Working together for maternal and newborn health [PDF, 27KB]

Panel 5.2 Key global health partnerships for maternal and newborn health [PDF, 27KB]

Panel 5.3 Partnering for mothers and newborns in the Central African Republic [PDF, 41KB]

Panel 5.4 UN agencies strengthen their collaboration in support of maternal and newborn health [PDF, 27KB]

Panel 5.5 Enhancing health information systems - The Health Metrics Network [PDF, 23KB]