Country examples

The causes of maternal and neonatal death are well known, as are the means of prevention. Yet many developing countries continue to struggle with the same obstacles to care that trigger unnecessary death. These obstacles include shortages of health workers, remote communities with limited access to health care facilities, high prevalence of HIV, and societies that do not protect the rights of women and girls. The examples below illustrate some of the risks pregnant women and newborn babies face in many developing countries, and how a handful of countries are responding to these challenges.

Nepal: Community Partnerships Broaden Access to Maternal and Neonatal Health Care [PDF]

A Tale of Two Countries: Comparing Progress on Maternal Health Rates in Sri Lanka and Niger [PDF]

Afghanistan: Training Midwives to Cope with a Health Worker Shortage [PDF]

Mali: Child Marriage is a Death Sentence for Many Young Girls [PDF]

Southern Africa: Scaling Up HIV Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment for Mothers and Babies [PDF]