Children’s Radio Drama

The Voices of Three Children: Monologues for radio or stage

Listen to the story of three children, Kakooza (Uganda), Padmini (India) and Amy (USA), who are each 10 years old, separated by thousands of miles of land and ocean.

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Kakooza, Uganda
Kakooza lives with his grandmother in a village in Central Uganda. There are powerful thunderstorms and lots of rain here. Kakooza’s village is small. The surrounding landscape is covered with lush, green rainforests.

Padmini, India
Padmini lives with her family on the south-eastern coast of India. This is a tropical land of coconut palms and old temples.

Amy, USA
Amy is from a poor neighborhood in New York City in the United States. Her city of 8 million people is bustling and very noisy.

We travel between these three points on the globe, following three lives. This is a story told in different voices, about very similar situations.