The panels are downloadable as one file or in parts.

All the panels in one file. [PDF, 3.1 MB]

Panel 1.1 The under-five mortality rate: The indispensable gauge of child health [PDF, 74 KB]

Panel 1.2 Underlying and structural causes of maternal and child mortality [PDF, 103 KB]

Panel 1.3 Newborn survival [PDF, 103 KB]

Panel 1.4 The main proximate causes of child deaths [PDF, 92 KB]

Panel 1.5 Pneumonia: The forgotten killer of children [PDF, 95 KB]

Panel 1.6 The continuum of maternal newborn and child health care across time and place [PDF, 1.2 MB]

Panel 1.7 Child health in complex emergencies [PDF, 47 MB]

Panel 1.8 Empowering women to advance maternal newborn and child health [PDF, 203 KB]

Panel 1.9 Birth registration: An important step towards accessing essential services [PDF, 57 KB]

Panel 1.10 Child survival in post-conflict situations: Liberia’s challenges [PDF, 38 KB]

Panel 2.1 The Measles Initiative [PDF, 68 KB]

Panel 2.2 National immunization days and child health days [PDF, 47 KB]

Panel 2.3 Health sector financing: Sector-wide approaches and the Heavily Indebted Poor Countries Initiative [PDF, 47 KB]

Panel 2.4 Integrated Management of Neonatal and Childhood Illnesses in India [PDF, 215 KB]

Panel 2.5 The Bamako Initiative [PDF, 88 KB]

Panel 2.6 Diagonal approaches: The Mexican way [PDF, 85 KB]

Panel 2.7 Accelerated Child Survival and Development in West Africa [PDF, 148 KB]

Panel 2.8 HIV and AIDS in Africa and its impact on women and children [PDF, 40 KB]

Panel 2.9 Partnership for Maternal  Newborn & Child Health [PDF, 40 KB]

Panel 3.1 Basic practices for community-based health-care interventions [PDF, 158 KB]

Panel 3.2 Common aspects and challenges of community partnerships in health and nutrition [PDF, 153 KB]

Panel 3.3 India: Reducing undernutrition through community partnerships [PDF, 81 KB]

Panel 3.4 Preventing mother-to-child transmission of HIV: Impact of mothers2mothers programmes in eastern and southern Africa [PDF, 47 KB]

Panel 3.5 Leadership brings change for mothers and children in Ethiopia [PDF, 203 KB]

Panel 3.6 Mozambique - Reducing under-five mortality through a community-based programme [PDF, 164 KB]

Panel 3.7 Community partnerships in water systems and school sanitation [PDF, 39 KB]

Panel 4.1 Scaling up: Adequate nutrition for mothers newborns and children [PDF, 31 KB]

Panel 4.2 ‘Marginal Budgeting for Bottlenecks’ [PDF, 50 KB]

Panel 4.3 Scaling up: Safe water adequate sanitation and improved hygiene practices [PDF, 31 KB]

Panel 4.4 The urgent need to address the health worker crisis in Africa [PDF, 40 KB]

Panel 4.5 The investment case for child survival and other health-related Millennium Development Goals in sub-Saharan Africa [PDF, 59 KB]

Panel 4.6 Botswana: Going to scale with HIV prevention and treatment using community partnerships [PDF, 126 KB]

Panel 4.7 Strengthening accountability and governance in health-service delivery [PDF, 145 KB]

Panel 4.8 Performance-based financing in Rwanda [PDF, 40 KB]

Panel 4.9 Brazil - Creating a national community-based health-system network [PDF, 41 KB]

Panel 4.10 A new way of working together for multilateral institutions [PDF, 47 KB]

Panel 4.11 Human rights, community-based health care and child survival [PDF, 40 KB]

Panel 5.1 Strengthening data collection and monitoring for public health decisions [PDF, 153 KB]

Panel 5.2 The other side of the mat: Uniting for maternal newborn and child survival and health [PDF, 45 KB]