The panels are downloadable as one file or in parts.

All the panels in one file. [PDF, 509 KB]

Panel 1.1 Gender discrimination across the life cycle [PDF, 36 KB]

Panel 1.2 Gender discrimination and inequalities across regions [PDF, 82 KB]

Panel 2.1 Domestic violence against children [PDF, 44 KB]

Panel 2.2 Grandmothers and HIV/AIDS [PDF, 44 KB]

Panel 2.3 Mother Centres in Central and Eastern Europe and the Gambia [PDF, 56 KB]

Panel 3.1 Do girls risk missing out on school when women work? [PDF, 104 KB]

Panel 3.2 The impact of family-friendly workplaces in industrialized countries [PDF, 44 KB]

Panel 3.3 Child labour: Are girls affected differently from boys? [PDF, 45 KB]

Panel 4.1 Women and politics: Realities and myths [PDF, 61 KB]

Panel 4.2 Women’s groups: A force for political change [PDF, 78 KB]

Panel 4.3 Women and the Darfur Peace Agreement [PDF, 57 KB]

Panel 4.4 Women as mediators and peacekeepers [PDF, 57 KB]

Panel 4.5 The hope of justice for Bolivia’s women and children, by Casimira Rodríguez Romero [PDF, 50 KB]

Panel 5.1 Partnerships for girls’ education [PDF, 79 KB]

Panel 5.2 Monitoring governments’ commitments to women’s empowerment through gender-responsive budgets [PDF, 44 KB]

Panel 5.3 Partnering to promote child rights and gender equality in political agendas [PDF, 72 KB]

Panel 5.4 Quotas: One size does not fit all [PDF, 50 KB]

Panel 5.5 Women’s participation in community-based initiatives across the developing world [PDF, 71 KB]

Panel 5.6 Program H: Challenging gender stereotypes and changing attitudes in Brazil and other countries [PDF, 76 KB]

Panel 5.7 Partnering to provide improved estimates of maternal mortality [PDF, 75 KB]