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The charts and graphs are downloadable as one file or in parts.

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Figure 1.1 Meeting the MDGs would transform millions of children's lives in the next 10 years
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Figure 1.2 Global progress towards reducing under-five mortality by two thirds
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Figure 1.3 At current rates of progress on the MDGs, millions of children who could have been reached will miss out
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Figure 2.1 The least developed countries are the richest in children
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Figure 2.2 Children living in the poorest countries are most at risk of missing out on primary and secondary school
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Figure 2.3 Most of the countries where 1 in 5 children die before five have experienced major armed conflict since 1999
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Figure 2.4 'Fragile' States are among the poorest
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Figure 2.5 Children account for an increasing proportion of people living with HIV
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Figure 2.6 In several regions, girls are more likely to miss out on primary school than boys
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Figure 3.1 Birth registration in the developing world
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Figure 3.2 Orphaned children under age 18 in sub-Saharan Africa, Asia and Latin America and the Caribbean
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Figure 3.3 Early marriage in the developing world
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Figure 3.4 Total economic costs and benefits of eliminating child labour over the period 2000-2020
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Figure 3.5 Forced commercial sexual exploitation
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Figure 3.6 Child labour in the developing world
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Figure 3.7 Children in unconditional worst forms of child labour and exploitation
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Figure 4.1 Status of ratification of major international treaties
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Figure 4.2 Budgeting for a child's right to protection and development in Zambia, 1991-2001
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Figure 4.3 Main activities of faith-based organizations for orphans and vulnerable children in southern and eastern African countries
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Figure 2.1* Severe deprivations among children in the developing world, by different deprivations
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Figure 2.4** Child poverty in OECD countries
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* This chart is from State of the World's Children 2005

** Figures for Germany and Mexico have been updated according to UNICEF, Child Poverty in Rich Countries 2005, UNICEF Innocenti Research Centre, 2005, p.4