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Full Report

The 2006 State of the World's Children report focuses on excluded and invisible children who have no access to essential services, protection and participation.

The complete text, charts, graphs, maps, tables, photographs and the index are available in PDF, both as one single file and in parts.

Download the full report. [PDF, 3 MB]

Executive Summary

Meeting the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and the broader aims of the Millennium Declaration would transform the lives of millions of children who would be spared illness and premature death, escape extreme poverty and malnutrition, gain access to safe water and decent sanitation facilities and complete primary schooling.

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The five chapters of the report are available as separate PDF files.

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The 2006 State of the World's Children report includes maps on education, poverty, birth registration and demographic trends as they affect children. Each map is available for download as a PDF file.

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Downloadable photographs

Download the cover photograph and opening chapter photographs as high resolution JPG files.

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Statistical tables

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Downloadable charts and graphs

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