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The Childhood Index
  • Total number of children: 2.2 billion.
    Children in poverty: over 1 billion.

  • Children in developing countries without toilets at home: 1 in 3; without safe water: 1 in 5; and without health care: 1 in 7.

  • Children under five who die of mostly preventable deaths each day: 29,158.
    Total child deaths in 2003: 10.6 million.

  • Life expectancy for a child born in Japan : 82. In Zambia, 33.

  • Percentage of infants with low birthweight in Sudan: 31. In the Republic of Korea: 4.

  • Children born in Canada in 2003: 319,000.
    Children killed in Rwanda in 90 days in 1994: 300,000.

  • Proportion of child deaths in the 3.6 million killed in conflict since 1990: 45 per cent.

  • Estimated rise in under-five death rate during “typical” five-year war: 13 per cent.

  • Children in Belgium: 2 million.
    Children exploited in commercial sex industry: 2 million.

  • Cost of producing a landmine: as low as US$3.
    Cost of clearing a landmine: up to US$1,000.

  • Estimated new HIV infections in 2003: 5 million.
    Infections among under-25s: over 2.5 million.

  • Number of children orphaned by HIV/AIDS: 15 million.
    Of them, proportion who live in sub-Saharan Africa: 8 out of 10.

  • Proportion of people with HIV/AIDS living in developing countries: over 90 per cent.
    Of them, proportion who need ARV treatment but do not have access: 93 per cent.

  • Telephones per 100 people in Sweden : 162. In Bangladesh, one.

  • Percentage of central government spending on health in industrialized countries: 15.
    In East Asia and the Pacific: 1 per cent.

  • Global military spending 2003: 956 billion.
    Estimated additional annual cost for financing the MDGs: $40- $70 billion.

  • Countries that have ratified the Convention on the Rights of the Child: 192.
    Countries that have not: 2.

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“Abandoned and destitute…children devoid of all the basic necessities in life are taken advantage of... they are exploited at the hands of people in numerous ways leaving them scared, helpless and vulnerable.
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Approximate lowest possible cost of generic antiretroviral therapy for one year: $300

Per capita annual income in Mozambique: $210

Per cent of people in developing countries who need antiretroviral therapy but do not have access to it: 93
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