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Map 1. When 1 + 1 is more than 2
Poverty, conflict and HIV/AIDS are the most significant threats to childhood. When two or even all three coincide, the impact on children’s lives is devastating.
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Map 2. Childhood under threat: poverty
Poverty severely compromises the rights of over 1 billion children by threatening their survival and development.
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Map 3. Childhood under threat: conflict
Hundreds of thousands of children are caught up in conflict as soldiers, refugees or internally displaced persons. Countless others suffer sexual violence, abuse and exploitation.
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Map 4. Childhood under threat: HIV/AIDS
For millions of children HIV/AIDS results in the loss of their caregivers, lack of an education, vulnerability to abuse and even death.
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“I think it's wonderful that people are realizing the pain of child labour... children should know what it feels like to be children... it is definitely not right to push them so far ahead and fill in the shoes of adults...”.
girl, 21, Malaysia

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Percentage of infants who receive DPT3 vaccine: 76

Number of infants vaccinated each year: 100 million.

Number of lives that could be saved each year through routine immunization: 2.2 million
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