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Roger LeMoyne

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Chapter 1. Childhood under threat
Chapter 2. Children living in poverty
Chapter 3. Children caught up in conflict
Chapter 4. Children orphaned or made vulnerable by AIDS
Chapter 5. Advancing childhood, advancing humanity


Download the 4 maps in one single file [PDF, 1.5 MB].

Map 1. When 1 + 1 is more than 2
Poverty, conflict and HIV/AIDS are the most significant threats to childhood. When two or even all three coincide, the impact on children’s lives is devastating.

Map 2. Childhood under threat: poverty
Poverty severely compromises the rights of over 1 billion children by threatening their survival and development.

Map 3. Childhood under threat: conflict
Hundreds of thousands of children are caught up in conflict as soldiers, refugees or internally displaced persons. Countless others suffer sexual violence, abuse and exploitation.

Map 4. Childhood under threat: HIV/AIDS
For millions of children HIV/AIDS results in the loss of their caregivers, lack of an education, vulnerability to abuse and even death.

Statistical tables

Download the 10 statistical tables in one single file [PDF, 244 KB] or as individual Excel spreadsheets below.

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Table 1. Basic indicators
[Excel, 92 KB]

Table 2. Nutrition
[Excel, 85 KB]

Table 3. Health
[Excel, 74 KB]

Table 4. HIV/AIDS
[Excel, 107 KB]

Table 5. Education
[Excel, 143 KB]

Table 6. Demographic indicators
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Table 7. Economic indicators
[Excel, 96 KB]

Table 8. Women
[Excel, 82 KB]

Table 9. Child protection
[Excel, 49 KB]

Table 10. The rate of progress
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High resolution photographs

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Credit: UNICEF/HQ91-0914/Roger LeMoyne

Chapter 1 [JPG, 1.2 MB]
Credit: UNICEF/HQ-95-0969/Amineh Johannes

Chapter 2 [JPG, 1.8 MB]
Credit: HQ04-0176/Roger LeMoyne

Chapter 3 [JPG, 1.0 MB]
Credit: UNICEF/HQ03-0160/Shehzad Nooran

Chapter 4 [JPG, 1.0 MB]
Credit: UNICEF/Mozambique/2004/ Giacomo Pirozzi

Chapter 5 [JPG, 2.4 MB]
Credit: UNICEF/HQ98-0698/ Alejandro Balaguer

Romania: Reaching out, a shelter for trafficked girls
Myanmar: Caregiver Circles ease the burden of poverty on Myanmar’s youngest
Bangladesh: Childhood under threat
Indonesia: Fighting sexual exploitation and trafficking

Iraq: Education helps children cope with escalating violence
Panama: Children from conflict zones strive for peace
Sierra Leone: Children get a chance to tell their side of the story
Sudan: A journey back to hope
Democratic Republic of the Congo: David slays his Goliath one algebra problem at a time
Occupied Palestinian Territory: Seeking an education in the midst of armed conflict
Papua New Guinea: Schools-in-a-box give children a chance to study after years of conflict

Mozambique: Three sisters growing up alone get help from the community
Lesotho: Free education gives children orphaned by HIV/AIDS a chance for a better life

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Ranking of the 10 countries where children are most likely to die before their fifth birthday, in descending order: Sierra Leone, Niger, Angola, Afghanistan, Liberia, Somalia, Mali, Burkina Faso, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Guinea-Bissau.
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