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Arminah Johannes

The Rights of Millions of Children are being Denied Every Day

Childhood defined
What do we mean by childhood and why is it a crucial time in life?

The world has set goals for children
In 2000 world leaders gathered at the UN Millennium Summit agreed to a set of eight goals to be achieved by 2015 to improve the state of the world and its children.

Creating a protective environment
Ensuring that children are safe from abuse, violence and exploitation is a shared responsibility for governments, societies, families and individuals.

Childhood under threat
Poverty, conflict and HIV/AIDS obliterate childhood.

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Picture of a child


A child carrying water

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“…not being educated is like being locked in a box.”
girl, 15, United States

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Life expectancy for a child born in Japan in 2003: 82 years

Life expectancy for a child born in Zambia in 2003: 33 years 0
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