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The State of the World's Children 2004

Special topics

1. The acceleration strategy: 25 by 2005
The panel describes a UNICEF initiative designed to stimulate gender parity in education in 25 countries deemed most at risk of failing to reach this goal by 2005.
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2. Education, rights and responsibilities
This panel underscores the important roles of right holders and duty bearers in securing children’s right to an education.
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3. Egypt: dreams realized
The panel describes how a village in Egypt came to understand the importance of girls’ education and inspired high-level action to end Egypt’s gender gap in education by 2007.
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4. The ‘karate girls’ of Bihar, India
The panel illustrates how a girl in India was empowered by literacy and karate.
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5. Goodbye to school fees
The panel profiles a school in Kenya where classes now burst at the seam since the Government eliminated education fees.
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6. Teachers spark hope
The panel reports on unique teacher training programmes that are easing educational emergencies in Angola and the Lao People’s Democratic Republic.
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7. African countries move closer to education goals
The panel details the African Girls’ Education Initiative and underscores the value of thematic funding.
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8. Turkey: a school play touches a nation
The panel recognizes Turkey’s drive to give older girls a second chance at education through open primary schools.
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9. The community that made a difference in Sudan
The panel shows that committing to girls’ education in Sudan has helped entire communities.
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10. Coming back in Afghanistan
The panel cites the success of Afghanistan’s Back to School campaign as an example of what can be accomplished when the international community commits itself to getting girls in school.
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