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The State of the World's Children 2004


The six chapters of the report are available as Web page text summaries or in full as downloadable PDF files at the bottom of each page.

Chapter 1. To jump-start development
The chapter analyses the catalytic effect of gender parity in education on all other development goals.
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Chapter 2. Educated girls, a uniquely positive force for development
The chapter details the multiple social benefits of girls’ education and describes the failures of earlier models of development and education.
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Chapter 3. Girls left out, countries left behind
The chapter illustrates the critical need for disaggregated data to assess progress towards gender parity in education, and underscores the need for donor nations to follow through on promises.
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Chapter 4. The multiplier effect of educating girls
The chapter connects the dots between girls’ education and other essential ingredients for human development.
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Chapter 5. What about boys?
The chapter examines the factors that contribute to the lag in boys’ education in certain countries, suggests interventions and shows how gender-sensitive classes help both girls and boys.
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Chapter 6. The right thing to do
The chapter asserts that an investment in girls’ education is an investment in development and outlines seven steps required of world leaders for girls to secure their right to education.
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