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The State of the World's Children 2004


The annotated bibliography is a supplement to the web version of The State of the World’s Children 2004 and is offered as a research tool on education, particularly girls’ education. The bibliography is divided into 17 sections, each devoted to a specific educational issue. Some of the titles are referenced in the publication. Many others, while not cited in the report, have informed and shaped The State of the World’s Children 2004.

Millennium Development Goals
Universal primary education is the cornerstone of the Millennium Development Goals.
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Education for all
There will be no ‘All’ in Education For All without gender parity.
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Education and human development
To educate a girl is to educate the next generation.
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Education, gender and economic development
Education paves the road to development.
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Primary education
Access to quality primary education is a basic human right.
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Early childhood care and education
A nation’s future is in the hands of its youngest citizens.
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Higher education
Primary education is a giant step towards higher learning.
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Education and health
Girls’ education is a prescription for improved community health.
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Education and HIV/AIDS
HIV/AIDS prevention begins with education.
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Education, armed conflict and emergencies
Education is an antidote to trauma.
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Education and child labour
A child present in a classroom is absent from a sweatshop.
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Sub-Saharan Africa - Regional issues in education
Girls’ education is an essential ingredient in the recipe for development.
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Education and public opinion
What people are saying about girls’ education.
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Special issues in girls' education
Special challenges require innovative solutions.
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Boys' education
The doors of gender-sensitive classrooms swing open for boys.
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Girls' education websites
Worldwide education initiatives are only a click away.
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Now is the time for action.
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