The State of the World's Children 2003
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"Through the Eyes of children"/The Rwanda Project/2002


I am pleased to share with you UNICEF’s publication, The State of the World’s Children 2003. This year’s report is about the right of children and young people to have their opinions seriously considered when decisions are being made that affect their lives. With this report,
UNICEF reaffirms its philosophy and commitment to creating the time and space for children’s voices to be heard.

We have prepared this special children’s kit with additional materials we think will be of interest to you. There is a report from the Children’s Forum (PDF, 1.44MB) that was held this past May in conjunction with the United Nations Special Session on Children. More than 400 young people travelled from 150 countries to this most significant event, where national leaders listened to children speak about their achievements, their hopes and their expectations for the future. Young representatives from the Children’s Forum presented a statement at the United Nations in the first-ever session of the General Assembly on children’s issues. Their statement, A World Fit for Us, is also here for you.

The world leaders who met at the UN in May set a number of goals for the next 10 years and pledged to work with children to make these goals a reality. They all agreed to an outcome document entitled A World Fit for Children, which is available on the Special Session on Children website.

And finally, this special package includes a set of tips on Mastering the Media (PDF, 35KB) for your information should you decide to make your voice heard in interviews with reporters.

As I travel around the globe, I am continually inspired by the energies and abilities of children and young people to improve the world around them. In order to make the goals of ‘A World Fit for Children’ a reality, we will need your ideas, actions and dreams. We hope that this information packet will be helpful to you as you take active roles in promoting the changes in your home, school and community that are needed to make the world fit for children and for all people.

My very best wishes to you.

Carol Bellamy
Executive Director