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III. The Global Movement for Children: 'Say Yes for Children'

Six organizations – the Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee, Netaid.org Foundation, PLAN International, Save the Children, UNICEF and World Vision – have joined together to launch the Global Movement for Children, promoting children's rights and emphasizing participation, action and accountability.

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Education for all children is one of the points of the Global Movement's 'Say Yes' campaign. Here, a young girl is being measured for a school uniform in Rajasthan, India.

In all its aspects – including the fact that children are full partners in all its activities – the Global Movement for Children is about leadership.

The Movement's message is made clear in its 10-point pledge: Leave no child out. Put children first. Care for every child. Fight HIV/AIDS. Stop harming and exploiting children. Listen to children. Educate every child. Protect children from war. Protect the earth for children. Fight poverty: Invest in children.

A massive grass-roots campaign is growing as the Global Movement asks individuals around the world to 'Say Yes for Children'. Netaid.org Foundation – a joint public-private venture between the UN Development Programme and Cisco Systems – created an Internet site www.gmfc.org for ongoing discussions about taking action for children.

National launches of 'Say Yes for Children' blossomed across the globe between April and June 2001, spearheaded by UNICEF. Launches involved government officials, sports and entertainment celebrities, religious leaders, writers, child advocates and, of course, children. Leaders vowed to stand up for children, in some cases, despite serious national crises.

In Haiti, children spoke up for their rights to be respected and called for an end to violence. In spite of social and political turmoil, President Jean-Bertrand Aristide promised to attend the Special Session on Children and to ensure education for all by 2004.

In the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, the Makednski Posti company provided prepaid postcards for distribution through newspapers, schools and community centres to ensure that people without Internet access could still pledge. Top local hip-hop artist Vrcak will campaign for 'Say Yes for Children' through September.

With Say Yes campaigns in over 100 countries, the Global Movement for Children is gathering the kind of momentum and moral force that political leaders will ignore at their peril.


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