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Monica Newman/Peru

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Susan Sarandon's visit to India.

Early childhood

What happens during the very earliest years of a child’s life, from birth to age 3, influences how the rest of childhood and adolescence unfolds. Yet, this critical time is usually neglected in the policies, programmes and budgets of countries.

Drawing on reports from the world over, The State of the World’s Children 2001 details the daily lives of parents and other caregivers who are striving in the face of war, poverty and the HIV/AIDS epidemic to protect the rights and meet the needs of these young children.

Listen to Carol Bellamy, Executive Director of UNICEF, speak on the importance of investing in the early years of a child.


At the launch of the State of the World's Children 2001, 12 December 2000
Rob Reiner
Film director and chairman of the I am Your Child Foundation, Rob Reiner, says that giving children a good start in life is the key to transforming whole societies.
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Jacques van Der Gaag
Professor Jacques van Der Gaag, Dean of Economics at the University of Amsterdam, says that investment in early childhood care brings major, long-term economic rewards.
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Susan Sarandon
UNICEF Special Representative Susan Sarandon describes meeting mothers with young children on her recent visit to India.
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