Tuning in

Distribution of radios allow more students in Yei to follow distant learning programmes

Students receiving radios
16 August 2020

With schools in South Sudan being closed since March, radios have never been more important for continuation of learning. Four daily radio lessons are being broadcasted across the country, covering primary 1 to senior 4. Yet, many children are missing out because they don't have a radio.

In Yei, distribution of radios have started with the support from UNMISS, who have bought the radios.

Children given radios outside a building

The students are being taught how to use the radios and briefed on when they should tune in for radio lessons. Over 2 million children are out of school due to the school closure. This comes in addition to the 2.2 million children out of school before COVID-19 hit South Sudan.

A boy sitting behind a desk

One who has already started following the radio lessons is Samuel Mubarak Lemi (16). He lives in an orphanage in Yei and the lessons helps him pass time.

“I like the radio lesson because it has made me busy during this difficult time. I hope the disease will go soon so I can go back to a normal classroom.”

"I like Mathematics and the Science lessons."

A girl sitting in a classroom

Grace Nyoka (15) is sharing the radio with Samuel and they listen to the lessons together. 

"Science is my favorite subject as I want to become a doctor to help our nation South Sudan," says Grace.

She sometimes find the pronunciation of some teachers difficult and  sometimes the radio station goes off, but she is glad there is some education happening.

"I'm worried about how the school closure will affect my future, but at least I'm still learning a bit."

Children receiving radios

UNICEF and education partners are procuring more radios for dissemination to mitigate the learning gap created by the closure of schools. UNICEF is also advocating for schools to be reopened in a safe way as quickly as possible to reduce the negative impact on the future of children in South Sudan.